How to Prepare for a Storm

by Mary Shea Wilson on August 20, 2014

One thing is for sure you cannot control mother nature but you can control how prepared you are.  The weather can be unpredictable so it is important to prepare as best you can.

Here are some things you can do when you know a storm is coming:

Keep up-to-date on the weather conditions.

Charge your cell phone. Make sure to also have a car charger for your cell phone.

Charge your laptop computer and tablet devices.

Set your refrigerator and freezer controls to coldest settings.

Fill the gas tank in your car.

Have cash available.

Fill your bathtub with water.

Shop for bottled water and non perishables for quick and easy meals.

Make sure the tank on your gas grill is full.

Check flashlights and batteries.

Have a battery or hand crank-powered radio.

Have a hard-wired land line telephone available.

With just a few easy steps you can be storm-ready in no time.

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Inexpensive Home Improvements

by Mary Shea Wilson on August 13, 2014

Do the rooms in your home make you feel depressed? Do you feel they need to be completely refurbished? Every home can be transformed with  little touches, making it an abode that you always desires to be in. Here are some tips on how to spruce up your home.


  • Maintain Simplicity: Some people have the habit of leaving furniture and items they have not used in ages in the home. This clogs the home, making it less desirable. Look around, can you find anything that you have not used in a while? If you have no use for one of your belongings, dispose of it, sell it, or simply give it away.  Simplicity is fundamental to sprucing up your home.
  • Painting: This is the first idea that comes to mind as it is the one improvement that if done right, would transform the look of your home completely. All you need to do is get the right colors. Light blue, cream and peach are great colors that inspire. A little touch here and there would transform the entire home.
  • Replace The Furniture: The home can be given a complete face lift by the total replacement of the upholstery or furniture. Be careful when selecting new furniture or fabric as the colors need to match or blend with the walls and window blinds. If this is done correctly, the room will get a perfectly new and rich look.
  • Flowers: Adding a few plants at strategic locations lights up the home in a manner that can seldom be explained. They add visual appeal, style and allure to the home. Some have an aroma that makes the environment smell pleasant. You can find a great variety of house plants not far from your home. Visit your local nursery, florist, or even  the big box stores. Place the plants throughout your house, in the sitting room, veranda and even the bedrooms. Remember to water them regularly as they are most enjoyable when healthy and vibrant.
  • Wash The Drapes: Depending on the size of the drapes, this could be tedious. However, you would be amazed by how a simple washing can restore brightness to the drapes and add freshness to the room.  Whether you wash the drapes yourself or have them professionally cleaned, it will still be less expensive than purchasing new ones.

Finally, for your home to have the look you desire, you must get the arrangement right. Place furniture in a manner that inspires ones thinking. Do not just place things anywhere for the sake of placing them. There must be a function attached to the positioning of every item. Sprucing up and refreshing your home does not require a huge budget, simple changes can make your home feel more desirable at a minimal expense.

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How to Avoid Foreclosure


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The Offer to Purchase: What is Included


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